Agility competition KC Uden May 23

Our first trophies! So proud!

Yesterday I had a great and very fun day with friends at the agility competition at KC Uden. I started competing with Juno and Kai in Grade 1 recently. We’re still very much getting used to the whole competition thing, but we’re having a good time!

There were a lot of ‘nearly’ runs but still a fourth place in regular for Juno and a fifth on the jumping for Kai. Juno also got her first promotional point (U’tje) on regular, good girl!

Thanks a lot everyone for making it such a fun day! :)

My friends recorded some of our runs and they also took some pictures. Finally I have agility photos of my dogs, woohoo! Thanks guys! :D

Without further ado, the runs!

Juno’s clear round and with that her first promotional point on regular course. She can go so much faster but isn’t showing that yet. Bit too glued to me and my pace, although it’s getting better. :)
Her contacts are great though and she’s such a serious and stable runner. :)

Next is Kai’s jumping. For me this felt like our best run of this day. Kai and I were smooth and fast and in sync…

…except for that second to last jump where Kai thought it would be rude not to say hi to ring personnel. :)
Still earned us a 5th place though!

Kai’s regular. Unfortunately I was too late with the stay command on the teeter-totter, resulting in a flyer. Other than that it was a nice run that still earned him a 9th place.

Also he’d been hugging his big doggy girlfriend Sienna just a few minutes before we had to run and he was constantly checking back for her, so I was glad he was fully focused on me during our run, haha! This was the last round of the day, and in the previous rounds he would sometimes have trouble ignoring the people ringside. I mean, what if they’re in need of a cuddle? :) So I was very pleased we could finish the day with a round fully focused, good guy Kai!

Juno’s jumping… Little hiccup on the weaves and I was a bit taken aback by how she approached the last jump after the second tunnel, so I made a handling mistake and made her come in too soon. Other than that she did great!

Juno’s jumping #2. Unfortunately Juno left the ring after the second jump (not on the video) because there was food right at the sideline. Very unfortunate because when I got her back, she ran a great round.
Usually her focus is great so I didn’t expect this, but well… food! ;) Ah well, better luck next time.


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